Sandra de la Loza



October 6, 2015, 7pm-8:30pm

Holy Grounds Coffee and Tea

5371 Alhambra Ave

Los Angeles, California 90032


Sandra de la Loza utilizes a transdisciplinary approach to examine underlying power dynamics embedded in social space often drawing upon extensive archival research and mobilizing community-based networks. She is the founder of the Pocho Research Society (PRS), a project that began with a series of public interventions in which guerilla historic plaques were inserted in public spaces to commemorate invisible histories and complicate existing narratives embedded in official public monuments. As an artist entering the archive, she occupies the position normally held by historians, curators, scholars and civic officials to interrogate the power embedded in the act of history making. As a performative archivist she gathers, slices, blows up and remixes archival material to explores “History” as an elastic space of practice, one that can be shaped, stretched and expanded while making visible the processes in which dominant narratives are created. She considers her efforts to generate artist-led spaces for community action and critical dialogue an important part of her practice. Such efforts have resulted in collectively run community centers, conferences, and art events like the October Surprise (2004), and Arts in Action(2000-2004). She is the author of The Pocho Research Society’s Field Guide to Erased and Invisible Histories.